We are holding another audition for In Camera – must be a record by now! – as we need a new Inez.

An audition for the role will take place at 7.30pm on Wednesday 24th May in the community room at Tesco Extra on Wragby Road. The room is located near the stairs to the cafe at the back of the store.

Inez can be played by a woman of any age, but the part best suits an older actress (30+). The play will be staged in The Room Upstairs at Lincoln Drill Hall from Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th October 2017.

In Camera is a play exploring relationships, self-deception and truth as three very different individuals arrive in Hell and learn to come to terms with their situation and with each other.

Inez is a middle-aged, gay woman who sees herself as tough, fairly cynical and in control of her emotions and who likes to think she has come to terms with her situation. She is quick to get the measure of the other characters and sees no reason to compromise her own position for their benefit.

If you would like to audition for this part, please contact David Thew atdavid@davidthew.com as soon as possible. Please also let David know if you would like to audition but can’t be available on that date.