We’ll be holding a further audition for The Talented Mr Ripley at 7.30pm on Thursday 31st January at St Mary-le-Wigford Church (near Lincoln Central Railway Station).

A case of mistaken identity leads Tom Ripley, a charming yet dangerous psychopath, to travel away from his dull life in America to the far more glamorous Italy; his task, to bring Richard Greenleaf home to his devoted parents.

However, Tom begins to enjoy his new fictitious life with Richard a little too much and he becomes consumed in the lies he’s told. Unfortunately for some, their encounters with Tom prove to be deadly.

Playing ages required are 20-30 and 50+ for both males and females.

The audition will be informal and everyone is welcome. Experience is not essential. The play will be performed at Lincoln Drill Hall from 15th to 17th May 2019.

For more information please email

We hope to see lots of people there!