Little Women

By Louisa May Alcott – Adapted by Emma Reeves
13th to 15th October 2016 | Lincoln Drill Hall

Long-standing Common Ground member Martin Noble made his directorial debut with this ambitious and well received production of Little Women.

Emma Reeves’ adaptation actually included two books – Little Women and Good Wives – and was a faithful re-telling of the well known story of sisters Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy as they grow up without their father in the United States during the civil war.

The production required a good sprinkling of young people, which were able to find thanks in part to help from Lincoln’s two universities, and an array of 19th-century costumes which our wardrobe ladies Su and Carolyn managed to put together on a shoestring as usual!

We sold almost 400 tickets over three performances of the play, which also featured singing and live music. Performed on a simple set, and telling the story through flashbacks from the point of view of Jo, Little Women was one of our most successful productions; it was extremely well received by the audience and we even managed to make a small profit!

The production was dedicated to our founder member and committee member Gaynor Little, who passed away in September.


“I saw Little Women at Lincoln Drill Hall last night. A truly excellent production. I’m normally very critical of amateur theatre (even though I’m involved myself) but this was outstanding. The talent on stage, particularly the younger, less experienced members of the cast, was a match for many professional productions. The dedication and passion from the actors was very obvious. It was the best I’ve seen from Common Ground Theatre Company (I caveat that by saying I have only seen six or seven of their productions) and most probably the best amateur production I’ve ever watched.” – Simon Harvey, via Facebook.

“Don’t miss it! A thoroughly enjoyable night out on many different levels. It was great to see a young, lively, talented cast (even the older ones looked young and lively). Music, costumes, lights – well done Martin Noble with your directing debut.” – Dot Howes, via Facebook.

Fantastic performance of Little Women last night, thoroughly enjoyed! Well done everyone!” – Shona MacLean, via Facebook.


Meg Jessica Hocking
Jo Ellie Pickering
Beth Tabitha Davenhill
Amy Laura Potente
Mrs March Vicky Ashberry
Aunt March Irene North
Aunt Carol Peggy Reading
Sallie Gardiner Lucie Evans
Belle Moffat Emily Ashberry
Laurie Jay Petherick
John Brooke Steve Gillard
Professor Bhaer Jez Ashberry
Ned Moffat Elliot Sargent
Fred Vaughan Joshua Pearson
Director Martin Noble
Assistant Director Su Toogood
Stage Manager Shelagh Gillingham
Lighting Joe Price
Sound David Brown
Stage crew Kev Gillingham
Wardrobe Carolyn Jones, Su Toogood
Properties Carolyn Jones, Su Toogood
Programme Jez Ashberry
Publicity Jez Ashberry
Photography Bill Bartlett, Catherine Clough
Music Hannah Borrill
Arrangements Robert Steadman
Singing Su Toogood, Emily Ashberry
Front of House Nick Dunnett, Dot Howes, Eileen Finningley, Ros Rowe,Naomi Watkins & Julia Ross