Ladies Down Under

by Amanda Whittington

11th to 13th May 2023 | Broadbent Theatre, Wickenby

The cast and crew who staged Ladies’ Day in May 2022 enjoyed it so much that director Su Toogood couldn’t resist getting the old gang together for an encore!

In Ladies Down Under our four fish filleters spend their winnings on the trip of a lifetime to Australia, where Jan aims to be reunited with Joe, their old boss.

Kate Bartlett, Anita Quigley, Fraya Grove, Nicole Doyle and David Hitchings all reprised their roles from the first play in the series, while some new faces were added to the cast, including debutant Jay Harrison.

Director Su Toogood employed a minimalist set which provided a counterpoint to the visual fireworks in the finale set during the Sydney gay and lesbian Mardi Gras.

An enjoyable production for cast, crew and audiences alike!


Pearl                                      Anita Quigley Director & Producer                                    Su Toogood
Jan                                         Kate Bartlett Assistant Director                                        Anita Quigley
Shelley                                  Fraya Grove Wardrobe                                                      Carolyn Jones, Su Toogood
Linda                                     Nicole Doyle Set & props                                                   Bill & Kate Bartlett, Su Toogood,
Joe                                         David Hitchings Sound & lighting                                          Kev Gillingham, Andrew Newton
Tom, a firefighter               John Leighton Stage crew                                                    Peter Dodds, Andy Nisevic
Bill, an air steward             Martin Noble Programme / publicity                                Jez Ashberry
Ben, an air steward            Andy Nisevic
Shane, a surfer                    David Hitchings
Charlie, a hippie                  John Leighton
Danny, a traveller               Jay Harrison
Koala Bare, a drag queen  David Hitchings
Bondi Bitch, a drag queen Martin Noble