Julius Caesar

by William Shakespeare

26th-28th April 2007
Drill Hall, Lincoln

Our most ambitious production to date was also our first collaboration with another theatre company: in April 2007 we joined forces with the Lincoln Shakespeare Company to stage Julius Caesar.

Our production was inspired by the American TV drama series The West Wing – in our Roman republic besuited senators (male and female) dashed here and there with a mobile phone in one hand and a take-away coffee cup in the other. Caesar himself was shot at close range by a fusillade of handguns; Mark Antony delivered his set-piece ‘Friends, Romans, countrymen!’ speech to an audience of journalists in front of a huge screen relaying his speech live; and our Act V battle scene was a mixture of sound and lighting effects and on-screen TV news footage by reporters in the field.

By combining the acting talents of two companies and by attracting actors from elsewhere we were able to field a very strong cast, including LSC regulars Chas Rodgers and Pete Came as Brutus and Caesar respectively, Richard Wood and Lindsey Slapp as Mark Antony and Cassius and Jo Hollingworth as Brutus’ wife Portia.

We also ended up with a cast of over 30 augmented by ten excitable but enthusiastic extras from the drama course at Lincoln College.

Writing in the Lincolnshire Echo Charlotte Orson saw parallels with Blair, Bush and the war in Iraq (which hadn’t occurred to us, if we’re honest) and described the production as ‘a triumph’.

Flavius Mala Selvon
Marullus Jules Ellis
Julius Caesar Pete Came
Calphurnia Wendy Tenbeth
Brutus Chas Rodgers
Cassius Lindsey Slapp
Casca Jason Hippisley
Decius Brutus Mala Selvon
Metellus Cimber Chrissie Hughes
Cinna Simon Westerman
Ligarius Martin Noble
Octavius Caesar Sam Tweed
Mark Antony Richard Wood
Lepidus Martin Noble
Cicero Brian Johnston
Publius Luci Preston
Popilius Lena David Lintin
Portia Jo Hollingworth
Artemidorus Jules Ellis
Cinna the Poet David Lintin
Lucius Tom Bridger
Soothsayer Jez Ashberry
Poet Stephen Gillard
Caesar’s servant Stephen Gillard
Mark Antony’s servant Zoe Rietti
Octavius’ servant Julie Catterson
Messala Simon Westerman
TV newsreader Julie Catterson
TV news reporter Zoe Rietti
Caesar’s security Stephen Gillard, David Lintin
Coffee shop girl Emily Norman
Plebeians Tom Bridger, Simon Westerman, Luci Preston, Martin Noble, Sam Tweed, Jez Ashberry
Press Tom Bridger, Julie Catterson, Sam Tweed, Stephen Gillard, Zoe Rietti, Jez Ashberry, Brian Johnston
TV crew Andrew Deptford, Katie Child
Barmaid Emily Norman
Extras Yonnick Pastoor, Kyle Keeley, Dan Smith, Laura Brown, Michael Whaler, Kirsty Haynes, Dan Hopkinson, Lianne Douglas, Charne Smart, Dan Swarbrooke


Director Jez Ashberry
Stage Manager Graham Botterill
Lighting design Martin Maplethorpe, Samantha Berry
Sound and light Samantha Berry
Sound effects Simon Ashberry
Costumes Vicky Ashberry
Props Vicky Ashberry, Emily Norman
Set construction Ian Smith
Front of house Su Toogood, Carolyn Jones
Publicity Pete Came
Programme Pete Came
Poster design Pete Came, Jez Ashberry
Logo design Roy Simpson
Armourer Chas Rodgers
Video production Neil Kendall, Zoe Rietti, Andrew Deptford, Katie Child
Photography Rea Mulligan