Great Expectations

by Charles Dickens
Adapted for the stage by Nick Ormerod and Declan Donnellan

25th to 27th November 2010 | Lincoln Drill Hall

Our 20th production was an ambitious one: an adaptation commissioned by the RSC of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations.

It required a cast of 27, countless changes of Victorian costume, complex sound and light effects, original music and a set which had to transport our audience to the Essex marshes, a prison, a forge, a country mansion, a London lawyer’s office, the river Thames by night and much else besides.

Director Dave Lintin, ably assisted by producer Su Toogood and a hard-working cast and crew, achieved a production which ranks among the best Common Ground has staged.

The play also gave us an opportunity to welcome a number of new members who made a name for themselves on stage, including Dom McAndrew as Bentley Drummle, Adrian Snow as Herbert, John Beverley as Magwitch and Janet Marshall as Miss Havisham.

And we mustn’t forget youngsters Alfie Lewis and Emma Street who acquitted themselves admirably as young Pip and young Estella.

Young Pip Alfie Lewis
Magwitch John Beverley
Mrs Joe Vicky Ashberry
Joe Gargey Tony Smith
Compeyson John Leighton
Mr Pumblechook Ian Smith
Mr Hubble Dave Hewitt
Mrs Hubble Eileen Finningley
Wopsle Graham King
Sergeant Dom McAndrew
Young Estella Emma Street
Miss Havisham Janet Marshall
Young Herbet Jacob Grantham

Steve Gillard


Dave Hewitt

Biddy Lisa Hewitt Smith
Mr Jaggers Tim Bradford
Petitioners Dave Hewitt, Honor & Jacob Grantham
Wemmick John Leighton
Herbert Adrian Snow
Bentley Drummle Dom McAndrew
Startop Dave Asher
Molly Alison Clubley
Estella Alex Thornton
Watchman Dave Hewitt
Young Magwitch Jacob Grantham
Counsel Graham King
Beadle  Ian Smith
Officer Dom McAndrew
Bailiff Ian Smith
Company Helen Fleshbourne, Karen Ryan, Sheila Thomas, Holly Eggbro, Katie Gray, Su Toogood
Director & Stage Manager David Lintin
Co-Director & Producer Su Toogood
Assistant Stage Manager Nick Dunnett
Lighting Ed Purle
Sound and original music Mark Scales
Set Dave Lintin, Pete Swift & family
Wardrobe Carolyn Jones, Su Toogood, Anne Culling
Props Carolyn Jones, Su Toogood, Anne Culling, Ian Smith
Programme Jez Ashberry
Publicity Jez Ashberry
Front of House Jez Ashberry