Carry On, Jeeves

Adapted from the stories by PG Wodehouse
214th to 16th March 2013 | Lincoln Drill Hall

We staged a world premiere in March 2013 – a new adaptation of three PG Wodehouse stories about Bertie Wooster and his valet Jeeves.

Our chairman Jez Ashberry spent two years getting permission from the Wodehouse Estate to write a new play about these memorable characters and a further year getting the production onto the stage.

The play provided a mammoth part for Jason Hippisley, a man who was born to play Bertie Wooster, and he rose to the challenge magnificently, driving the play forward and remaining on stage throughout most of its two and a half hours. His goofy, gangly Bertie Wooster was beautifully complemented by Graham Turner, a newcomer to our group, whose performance as Reginald Jeeves was by turns affable and cunning.

As usual Su Toogood and Carolyn Jones did a sterling job ensuring our 1920s props and costumes looked the part, and a live swing jazz band playing incidental music put the finishing touch to the period atmosphere. We even had Jeeves and Bertie music playing in the cafe bar and free cucumber sandwiches on offer!

Two members of the PG Wodehouse Society came to see the show and we’re pleased to say that their reviews were very positive. “This will definitely be revived and ring down the ages,” wrote Christine Hewitt, while Steve Griffiths called the show “an outstanding theatrical presentation” and added: “This play has opened the world of PG Wodehouse to a new generation of theatre-goers and it deserves our fullest thanks and praise.”

Negotiations are now ongoing between Jez and the Wodehouse Estate regarding future performances of the play. Watch this space!

Bertram Wooster Jason Hippisley
Reginald Jeeves Graham Turner
Aunt Agatha Irene North
Eustace Wooster James Spencer
Claude Wooster Daniel Hutchinson
Lord Rainsby Peter Wight
Sir Roderick Glossop Michael Church
Lady Florence Craye Rowena Devonport
Sir Willoughby Wooster John Leighton
Hildebrand ‘Tuppy’ Glossop Martin Noble
Honoria Glossop Kate Bartlett
Edwin Alfie Lewis
Roberta ‘Bobbie’ Wickham Aggi Gunstone
Lady Wickham Mary Scott
Oakshott John Kirsopp
Director Jez Ashberry
Stage Manager Vicky Ashberry
Lighting Lesley Hedley & Ed Purle
Stage crew Nick Dunnett, Will Pembery & Andy Nisevic
Wardrobe Su Toogood & Carolyn Jones
Properties Su Toogood & Carolyn Jones
Musical Director Rich Sandham
Vocals Bilie Baker
The Bootleg Babies Jane Hancock (clarinet), Martha Gibbons (guitar), Harry Poxon (bass) & Peter Glanfield (percussion)
Hairdressing Fran Pembery
Programme & publicity Jez Ashberry
Publicity photography Rob Brookes, Photos4All
Production photography Bill Bartlett
Front of House Holly Eggboro, Faye Jones, Ros Roe, Sheila Thomas, Andy Mitchell & Elaine Howell