Billy Liar

by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall

27th-29th October 2005
Millennium Festival Studio Theatre, Central Methodist Church, Lincoln

Keith Waterhouse’s well known tale of Billy Fisher, the feckless dreamer who escapes from his humdrum life by inventing fantasies and telling lies, was the choice for our autumn 2005 production.

After a successful debut at the Lincoln Drill Hall with ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ financial restraints meant a return to the Millennium Festival Studio Theatre in the Central Methodist Church, but we were pleasantly surprised by the size of the audiences we attracted (190 over three nights).

The production was directed by Su Toogood and featured some stalwart Common Ground members, including Jason Hippisley as Billy, Vicky Ashberry as Billy’s mother and a star turn by Sheryl Tribe who aged up about 50 years to play Grandma!

Sadly the Lincoln Chronicle were unable to see the play – the first production of ours they’ve missed! – but the Lincolnshire Echo described the show as a ‘true success’ and said that the suffocating atmosphere of Billy’s home in a northern town in 1960 was ‘well captured’.


Florence Boothroyd Sheryl Tribe
Alice Fisher Vicky Ashberry
Geoffrey Fisher Maurice Raphael
Billy Fisher Jason Hippisley
Arthur Andy Holmes
Barbara Francesca Gugliotta
Rita Elly Tipping
Liz Juli Charlton


Director Su Toogood
Stage manager Graham Botterill
Sound and lighting Martin Noble
Props Carolyn Jones
Set construction Edd Simpson, Ian Smith
Crew Carolyn Jones, Jenny Davidson
Set Ian Smith, Graham Botterill, Pat Gregory, Warren Smart, Brhienesh Shiri Mati, Martin Noble and members of the company
Front of house Charles Newby
Publicity Jez Ashberry
Programme Jez Ashberry
Poster design Nick Whyatt