Abigail’s Party

by Mike Leigh

7th-9th December 2006
Broadbent Theatre, Wickenby

Maurice Raphael made his debut as a Common Ground director with a production of Mike Leigh’s quintessential 1970s tragi-comedy ‘Abigail’s Party’.

Again we returned to the Broadbent Theatre in Wickenby, where the show attracted reasonable audiences despite the inclement weather of opening night.

And again we were pleased to welcome new faces onto the stage: this show was a Common Ground first for Wendy Tenbeth, who was convincingly monstrous as Beverly, the hostess from hell, and Katie Greathead, who played Angela with marvellous naivety.

It was also good to see Martin Noble in a starring role at last!

Writing in the Market Rasen Mail Jo Hollingworth reported that the show ‘was oozing with 70’s kitsch and the audience lapped it up… at times you really felt like a voyeur at this cringe worthy social event.’


Beverly Wendy Tenbeth
Laurence Martin Noble
Angela Katie Greathead
Tony Andy Holmes
Susan Su Toogood


Director Maurice Raphael
Stage Manager Graham Botterill
Lighting Patrick Markham
Sound Maurice Raphael
Costumes Su Toogood, Carolyn Jones
Props Su Toogood, Carolyn Jones
Set construction Ian Smith, Martin Noble, Maurice Raphael & Graham Botterill
Front of house Jez Ashberry
Publicity Jez Ashberry
Programme Jez Ashberry
Poster design Nick Whyatt